Trudging the road…….

Feels like I’ve been on this road now for a long time, I’ve Just got to keep moving , one foot in front of the other. sounds easy right ?! It isn’t always that easy , there’s a lot at stake and a lot of damage to be repaired, I saw my wife’s mum this morning and I can see how it has affected her too, the ripple affect of the chaos that comes with addiction is so very obvious.
Things are moving forward though , I’m waiting on social services to call me regarding my next visit and also on a date for my risk assessment , once the assessment is done and they feel I’m ok mentally I can then have unsupervised visits , I can’t wait as my family miss the boys too and haven’t seen them for so long now.
It’s a waiting game and it’s been a long wait , hopefully it’s nearing the end and we can finally start to resemble some sort of family unit , I know the damage I’ve caused and I’m aware how one little slip could take me back there, I will keep working my program and walking forwards.
God bless

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