I’ve found love !!!

Well the strangest thing has happened, a friend from over 30 years ago contacted me , we met up a couple of days later and we’ve both fallen for each other . Can’t quite believe it’s happened and I’m trying to hold back and he cautious but the feelings are so strong it’s not easy . I’m going to enjoy everyday as it comes and enjoy what’s happening as it may not last , though I sincerely hope it does .


Am I that ugly

So I had a date Saturday ( well we met as friends ) , things went really well , we are going out again this Saturday , she texts about 200 times a day , we talk everyday , but when I ask where it’s going she says , it’s just friends and for me to not stop looking for a partner !!!! I just don’t get it , yes I have 3 kids full time , does that put them off , will I ever find anyone to date , to get close to , I really doubt it . Looks like for me and dating that’s it for my life , I’ll never find anyone , maybe I’m just too ugly , can’t think what else it would be .

Even though I have my children I still have a lot of love to give , I just feel so lonely , I’ll always be just dad and when they grow up I’ll have nothing ………

Don’t get the wrong idea

Just wanted to say I’m very happy that I have full custody of my children but just find things very lonely , I don’t think society accepts that dads can be the primary carer to their children . Single dads are in such a minority that when I tell people it’s like I’ve turned into an alien . I fought tooth and nail to get custody of my children . I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic so that made the challenge that much harder.

It’s the nights that can be difficult , the kids have gone to bed and it’s just me , on my own with my thoughts , not a great place to be , an addicts head will always be the same , it can be very negative and full of self pity , so I’m grateful to have my kids but wish society was more geared and accepting of dads being primary carer . #pas #singledad #depression

Why Is it impossible to find love as a single dad ??

I’m a single dad of 3 boys and I’m finding it very frustrating to try to find love , or even someone remotely interested , it’s crazy I can talk to someone for a while and as soon as I mention I have custody of my 3 boys I can almost hear them running away . I had a brief relationship , the lady knew I had my children but after about 3 months realised what that really meant , I don’t have a lot of support and their mum isn’t allowed to have them overnight so how do I find someone ? If you’re reading this and have any suggestions please let me know .

I’m meeting someone tomorrow for lunch and all of sudden I receive a text saying can we meet as just friends this happens a lot , am I destined for a life on my own ?!

#love #singledad #lonely

Addict to adult

I’m sharing as I’ve not been on here for ages , I keep meaning to post but life as a single dad is busy .

When I was in addiction nothing mattered now it’s all about the kids , I feel it might help to share my experiences but it’s finding the time to do it.

Right now im a bit scared as I have a heart condition I know nothing about , hopefully the doctors can tell me more tomorrow .

I know I always say I’ll blog more but I will try xx

Don’t know what’s wrong

Maybe i need to start writing on here more , sharing my stuff . I feel like I’ve hit a real low , no reason for it . I have everything I need , I have full custody of my kids , I’m clean and sober and yet in the last hour I feel like I’ve fallen into a dark hole .

I’m sure it’ll pass soon , but it’s shocked me . I’m looking for a new job , maybe that’s it , maybe it’s loneliness , I’ve been single nearly 4 years now , and after my ex and the dreadful experience of that relationship , maybe I’m scared or just plain ugly .

I just don’t know ……

It’s been ages 

I really should have written a new blog ages ago but things have been crazy !! 

Hopefully I can give a few people some hope, 5 months ago I got full custody of my kids , my wife’s attempts at alienation and false allegations finally back fired on her . I’ll try to blog more .

One love 

Big Day

Today I have a meeting with social services to find out if they back me for custody of my children . It’s been a long road to get this far , dogged by my drug and alcohol addiction, being falsely arrested and facing homelessness , but I’ve got this far. I’m feeling very anxious because if I’m not backed the kids go in care , I couldn’t live with myself if that happened !! Trying to keep myself mentally busy until the meeting . I was hoping by blogging it it might help, doesn’t appear to be 😀

I am 10 months clean and sober and I’ve turned my life around with the help of God , but will it be enough?! 

Custody Battle

sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged , I’ll try to get back into the swing of things . So much has happened, the main thing is that social services are looking at me for full custody of my children. I’m now 9.5 months clean and sober and life is amazing. I see my kids 3 or 4 times a week and have just had a weeks holiday with them.

It’s been a lot of work , drug tests , councilling , risk assessments but I’m getting close now. I’m no longer the problem.

Will write more soon , God bless